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The Benefits Of The Electric Bike - North West Electric Bike Centre
2 cyclists heading across a track in the mountains
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North West Electric Bike Centre
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The Benefits Of The Electric Bike

Commuting to Work
People who like to cycle to work will arrive refreshed without the sweat, having experienced the power of pedal assisted cycling. It’s easy to make headway through the traffic with speeds of up to 15mph using either pedal assist or motor only. Beat the congested traffic by using cycle lanes.

Leisure and Fun
Riding an electric bike brings all the fun of the outdoors. Great for use on canal banks, country cycle paths and around holiday home parks. It’s easy to put folding bikes either in the boot of your car, your caravan or your motor home. Electric cycles allow you to cover greater distances without the strain of a standard bicycle.

Save paying for the parking space by leaving your car at home. You can cycle to the shop that you are visiting and park your bike directly outside (locked up of course). Using local lanes and cycle paths can be quicker than a car.

Older People
Older people who love cycling but require a little assistance, no longer have to negotiate the big hills! People with joint problems will benefit from the assisted power.

No road tax, no MOT, no insurance and no expensive petrol prices.

No Driving Licence
Electric bikes do not require a driving licence.


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BEBA - British Electric bicycle Association Founder Member C02 - How big is your carbon footprint?