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North West Electric Bike Centre
BEBA - British Electric Association founder member - CO2 - How big is your footprint?
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Established in 1997 Valley E-Bikes on Blackburn Rd, Bolton stocks a wide range of electric bikes from many of the UK and Europes leading suppliers.
We have fourteen years of experience in electric bike sales. Please ring us for assistance to help you to make the right choice.

Spare parts, clothing and accessories are all available under the same roof at Valley E-Bikes
Mail Order Available To All UK Destinations E-mail : valleyebikes@gmail.com

Batribike Delta
Batribike Delta
Fast4ward Peak
Fast4ward Peak
Freego Eagle
Freego Eagle
Pulse ZL-2
Pulse ZL-2 electric cycle
Batribike Sigma
Batribike Sigma folding electric bicycle
Amps 905 Torque
Amps Electric Bicycle
Come and look around our showshroom - or call us and book a test ride!..
Come and look around our showshroom - or call us and book a test ride!..


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BEBA - British Electric bicycle Association Founder Member C02 - How big is your carbon footprint?
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